Monday, 11 February 2013

Why Plymouth ?

With the next UCAS Preview Day looming, a few of us here were musing about why students actually choose to come to Plymouth. Is it our dazzling research, our dazzling personalities, our dazzling modules or is it cheap beer, salty sea air and surfboard fetish? A snap poll with former students on Facebook over the weekend revealed the following…neatly summarised in this Wordle by Sarah B…
We're trying to figure out the reasons why students come to do geoscience with us at Plymouth. So, simple question: Why did you choose Plymouth?
No major essays - just a sentence or two pls.
I'll out the list together and re-post.
Thomas Wood Friendly, professional, knowledgeable and world leading staff. Tons of vital fieldwork to great locations.
Ralf Krauze Didn't get into my primary choice! (Glad I didn't though, Plymouth was by a long way better)
Sean Andrew Barrett fieldwork and got a 'warm and fuzzy' feeling from the department
Natalie White lots of field trips!! x
Ross Minall lots of fieldwork was the main reason
Casper Mortensen Fieldwork
Daniel Reynolds Field trips, attitude of the lecturers and it put on an outstanding open day.
Daniel Reynolds also cheap and fun nights out!
Matthew Catterall Location looked awesome, prospectus really made it stand out from the other unis!
Jenny Wiggins Good distance from home, far enough from the parents but not too far... and offered the course that sounded most interesting at the time! Oh and very impressed on the open day :)
David Chapman The staff were very friendly during the open day. Everywhere else felt very formal but Plymouth made me feel like I was part of the department straight away.
Jen Mitchell Best course for me as it is well-rounded, interesting fieldtrips and flexibility for changing between BSc Geology and MGeol
Victoria Marks Open day! It was a friendly, relaxed environment with lecturers interacting with potential students. I like the tour of campus as well, it shows that everything is close to hand. You don't need to get buses from one part to another like in some cities.
Kath Williams Open day was really good, staff were friendly, it was a campus university with everything was so close and the fieldtrips
Darrell Fuller Open day for me relaxed, friendly and generally good. Plus the campus is pretty impressive.
Hope Thomas Great open day, friendly staff and it was very sunny! Felt like people and place I could spend 3 years with, and a good course of course.
Philip Green I loved the location so close to Cornwall and the facilities were really good along with friendly and helpful staff.
Alex Cutts Open day + places left in clearing...
Megan Heather Open day was amazing, just got a really welcoming feeling from the staff and current students sounded really enthusiastic about the course. The field trips (+bursary) was a big plus and I liked how everything was close together but you weren't far away from the countryside.
Tracy Aze It was a university in Devon, and Devon is lush!
Ashley Tarr Because it is near Cornwall and the surf is great!
Hope Thomas The open day was good because there were so many staff there, most unis only send a few.
Johnny Powell I was bumming around in a dead end job when someone said, do a degree, it's easy... you don't have to work for 3 years & my mums got a house in Devon.... So, I tried a computing degree - it was far from easy. Thus, Geoscience was the answer! :) it was a cracking decision though ;)
Sarah Baker The open day was really good, lots of field trips including ones abroad, and the staff seemed really friendly and good humoured!
Callum Hatch The course seemed to be better run and managed than it was at the other university I was looking at.
Magnus Worthington One word: Fieldtrips!
Lucy Hickman Friendly lecturers, modern airy library and by the sea, Cornwall and dartmoor :)
Amir Abbasi Fieldtrips, and attitudes of the lecturers and staff.
Lucy Hickman Oh and because there was a celebrity lecturer there :p
Lucy Cotton Field trips are the main reason for me, and now I am here another great thing is is the relationship students develop with the lecturers.
Many other students don't have the amazing field tips and lecturers.
Claire Lawrence It felt like home as soon as I arrived :-) I loved everything about it, the closeness of the HoR to campus, the closeness of the town centre. The course was amazing with such a good overview of the subject. It was thumbs up all over!
Jack Cottam Decent amount of field trips, friendly atmosphere and nicest sandwiches of any uni open day I had been to!
Lucy Cotton Brilliant spread at every occasion.
Susan Bullock Nash My options were Plymouth or Marjons because of logistics, and the Geosciences Dept at Plymouth seemed far better equipped with better choices of modules.
Ross Laidlaw Fieldwork and the campus was in the perfect location. Plus Colin sold it to me!!
Ian Rogers A city by the sea with an acceptance criteria that suited me.
Isabelle Mumby I liked the relaxed atmosphere around the campus and the field trips on the course :-)
Brett Metcalfe Devon, Friendlier than Exeter, Fieldwork
Chris Facetious Cook Great industry trained staff, not snobbish like Exeter, good field trips, great university in a good city. The friendly approachable relationship with lecturers is also important.
Josh Aves By the coast , great open day ,great city , lots,of feildtrips
TiarnĂ¡n Colgan location mainly
Roy Rule Not first choice: but when you have the moors on one side and the sea on the other, and the best fieldtrips in britain, Who cares?!
Eleanor Cronin The staff seemed the most approachable of all of the faculty I met at the other open days. Also the field trips sounded interesting and relevant.
o     Joseph Richardson The fieldwork definitely. By studying at Plymouth I visited Spain, Sicily, Norway and the USA, along with a few closer to home.

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